Signal Ridge Online Financial Portal FAQ

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What is Orion?

Orion, short for Orion Advisor Solutions, is a technology company providing software solutions for wealth management firms, like us at Signal Ridge. We have been using Orion’s software for performance reporting for more than 10 years – so after seeing performance reports we’ve generated for you over the years, hopefully you’ll find Orion’s layout and user interface familiar when checking out the new portal experience.


Is this portal replacing something we’re already using?

Orion’s prior version of their client portal had fewer features and left us wanting more, so we waited until Orion’s latest round of updates to roll out the portal to you.

More broadly, this portal will reduce the need to visit a separate service for each element of your finances: account and investment information, performance reporting, financial planning, and file-sharing software.

Because the portal is an Orion product and relies on integrations with these other services, the portal will likely never achieve complete feature parity with them, but it should greatly reduce the amount of jumping around you need to do.


What can I use the portal for?

There are five main functions, indicated by icons in the left sidebar. From top to bottom, they are:

  • Newsfeed: any news or updates from us will appear here.
  • Personal Finances Summary: information about your investments and how they’re performing.
  • Financial Planning: Summary, Goals, and Net Worth from your financial plan, enabled via the MoneyGuidePro software.
  • Reports: where you can run ad hoc reports on your accounts.
  • Document Vault, broken down into three folders:
    • Advisor Shared: documents securely shared between you and the Signal Ridge team, enabled via ShareFile.
    • Pershing Documents: monthly statements and annual tax documents from your Pershing accounts.
    • Portfolio Statements: your Signal Ridge quarterly performance reports will be uploaded here.


Does this portal cost me anything?



Do I have to use it?

Of course not, but our hope is you’ll find it useful.


Why should I start using this portal?

We think the main benefits are how it aggregates your financial information from several sources and is a fairly intuitive way of visualizing performance for your accounts. It’s also a convenient and secure way to send documents back and forth.


Do I need to create a login for this portal, or has one already been created for me?

We already created a login for you: the email address we sent the announcement email to. If you didn’t receive the email or can’t find it, contact us and we’ll get you set up. Also, if you need us to create another login for a spouse or someone else, we’re happy to help.


What’s the process for accessing the portal for the first time?

Click here (or on the “Client Login” menu at the top of this page). Your username is the email address we sent the announcement email to. Click “Continue,” then “Forgot Password?” and follow the steps from there to set a password.


What should I do if I’m having trouble logging into my Orion portal?

Get in touch with us. We’ll figure it out.


Should I keep my login and portal access at Pershing?

Yes. Your Pershing NetXInvestor login will remain functional and uninterrupted. Although your Orion portal sources data from Pershing, making the Pershing portal a bit redundant, it’s generally best practice for you to maintain your Pershing NetXInvestor login credentials since Pershing remains the custodian for your investment accounts. In some instances where clients have added personal banking features onto their investment accounts, Corestone® debit card information and bill payment through BillSuite™ will still need to be accessed through Pershing’s NetXInvestor portal.


Can I have Sam, Josh, or Ryan walk me through the process of logging into my portal and accessing everything?

Definitely. Call us or send an email. We are more than happy to walk through the portal together with you.


Is there an iPhone app or Android app?

Yes. Search “Orion Wealth Management Portal” on either the App Store on iOS or Google Play on Android. Once it’s downloaded, use the same credentials as the portal. Integration with third-party services is currently limited on the mobile app.

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